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Vinyl Cut / Print Cut

Transfer Printing CAD Cut Vinyl: CAD stands for computer-aided design. Unlike the other transfer printing methods, with CAD cut vinyl transfer printing, the design is cut by a computer rather than a person. This means that there is significantly less room for error in the process. However, it does limit the type of designs that can be created.

Once the design has been cut by the machine, any excess vinyl is removed by hand and the design is then sealed onto the t-shirt by applying heat.

  • Vinyl printing is normally a one color process and it is a comparatively cost-effective method
    • One problem is that each design has to be cut one by one making it a slow process – great for small numbers but not so great for bigger lots. If the design is big it may feel too stiff and heavy.
    • This is a very durable and cost-effective process.
  • cut & sew :
  • The most common uses of the cut & sew technique are :
    • When print locations are on a non-conventional position, such as covering one side of the garment, or towards or over the seams.
    • When all-over-print is required as this is delivered at the best quality with cut & sew.
    • When detailed customisations are required, such as printing pockets or collars.

This is not a printing process as such but as the name suggests it is cut and sew. In this process, custom printed fabric is used to make the t-shirt.

You can make one of a kind designer t-shirts this way after printing the fabric in designs of your choice. You can use the different methods of fabric printing to create your own prints

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