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Embroidery requires a high quality and thicker garment, such as a hoodies, sweatshirt or polo. This is because a thinner garment could pull the fabric when attempted to embroid. Typical use of embroidery is for company/brand logos or smaller designs. Many businesses choose embroidery in their uniforms because embroidery looks professional and gives the garment a more solid feel. Embroidery is long lasting and will not fade in the wash and thats why, some argue that embroidery is a lot more cost effective than other printing. It is recommended to use embroidery for uniforms and garments that are designed to be long lasting.

Embroidery looks far nicer in most circumstances, especially for custom workwear. Having embroidered uniforms adds an extra element of class and makes your brand stand out when worn by your customer facing staff.

Because of the stitching process, embroidery sits slightly proud of the surface it’s applied to and its textured resemble as 3D effect. And it gives extra dimension to the design when the coating on of each individual thread catches the light. Skilled digitisers often make use of the texture and direction of stitches to add extra nuance to the pattern while converting designs for embroidery.

  • Disadvantages :
    • Expensive for larger designs
    • Details can be limited
    • Difficult for smaller designs
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