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About Meenax

The team of meenax has a combined work experience of 30+ years in the same industry. Back in the early 2000s the team was involved only in trading promotional t-shirts. As time progressed, the team had the opportunity to have a wider exposure as they got involved in catering to overseas markets like Srilanka, GCC markets and Africa too. The team then were extensively involved in the stock & sell model of the same promotional garments catering to the GCC & African Markets. The team had the opportunity to work with & build some of the fast selling brands like Gildan, Wings, Wash & Wear as well as got into the branding business with state-of-the art Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Embroidery Section, Direct to Garment Printers employing close to 70 people.

Having participated in exhibitions across the globe and trade fairs in more developed markets, the team was always at the forefront of getting BRAND YOUR TSHIRTS products with an acumen for exceptional customer satisfaction. This enabled the team to develop & introduce more products into an already competitive market.

Meenax is being established with the sole purpose of catering to all the institutional requirements for garments, be it promotional / for uniform purpose. India is expected to be the fastest growing market in the world and likely to be in the top 5 economies of the world within the next 5 years. With the current economic policies favoring multinationals to invest in India, we as a team in Meenax feel it is the right time to share our experience and pass on the benefits to our stakeholders with the sole objective of offering BRAND YOUR TSHIRTS products.

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